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  All the puppies in this latest litter have been sold. as of Nov 2, 2015. They are ready to be picked up and go home with thier new owners on 11/30/15. New puppy owners I do update puppy pictures weekly, so you can watch them grow!

Hi, and Welcome to Caroles Cowdogs.
     To start I will give you a little History behind the Miniature and Toy Australain Shepherds. The breeding of Miniature Australian Shepherds originated in 1968, in California. It started with 2 small stud dogs of the standard Australian Shepherds. The aim was to downsize the standard Australian Shepherd lines. The smaller Dogs were to be under 18" tall and have the same instincts of the larger dog, but small enough to travel easily and be a better size house dog. Miniatures sizes range from anything over 13" to 18".
    The Toy Australian Shepherd are to be 13" and under, they were downsized from the smaller of the Miniature Australian Shepherds, also possesing the same instincts of the Miniature and Standard Australian Shepherds but in a much smaller size. 
     They are Loyal, Loving, and make excellent family dogs.
 And a little about us, we are located in Southern PA, we have 16 acres, and some of the animals here include, chickens, ducks, horses mules and cats. So the puppies and dogs here are exposed to several different kinds of animals and everyone gets along well. We do not have allot of dogs and not all our dogs are indoor dogs, but are well socialized and all our  puppies grow up to be happy healthy dogs.
         If you are looking for a family or companion dog great with children, elders, people of any age, you may want to look into getting a Toy / Mini. Australian Shepherd. With this compact size they travel easy in vehicles. They make great dogs for people in Apartments, Condo's and Town homes who really do not have the room for a large dog.
       They are great guardians and very devoted to their families. They are a very sensitive breed, responding to the voice. They do well with other pets and people as they are socialized with animals and people as a puppy. They are often very reserved at first around strange situations, but will warm up once they realize there is no dnager. They are Extremely intellegent, and very willing to learn.

  Colors of the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds include Black Tri (Black with Tan and White), Red Tri (Red-ish color with tan and White) Blue Merle (a blue-ish color varying from light to dark with black spots and or speckles through out the body)  with tan and white. And a Red merle (a stawberry redish color with darker red/brown spots and speckles through out the body) with tan and white.

   Eyes can be brown, blue, amber, green, or any combinaton of the four including flecked or marbled. It too is not uncommon for the dog to have two different color eyes.

Breeding for the dedicated family & small working dog. Loving Loyal & intellegent.                 
             " Just like the standard Aussie but little."